Anna Przybyła - Sułowska
Sworn Translator in English
  • legal documents: notarial deeds, deeds of partnership, statutes, copies of commercial register and entrepreneurs' register, contracts, agreements, acts;
  • finance and accounting documents and materials: financial statements, auditors' opinions and reports, periodic reports published by listed and unlisted companies, annual reports, offering circulars, invoices;
  • internal regulations and instructions issued by companies, materials presented at meetings of governing bodies of companies, minutes of such meetings, resolutions adopted by such bodies, information circulars for shareholders distributed at general meetings of shareholders;
  • tenders, documentation relating to European Union projects, quality system documentation (e.g. Quality Policy, Quality Books);
  • transport documentation, e.g. specifications, certificates, etc.;
  • strategic plans, business plans, marketing materials, web site translations, presentations for investors and customers, press releases, newsletters, conference, seminar and training materials, professional business correspondence;
  • documents that must be accompanied with an official translation by a sworn translator (e.g. birth, marriage certificates, diplomas, school certificates, course transcripts, etc.).
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