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Prices are competitive and subject to negotiation.

Prices for certified translations are without commission charged by translation agencies.

A free, no-obligation quotation may be obtained on completing the quotation request form below.

Rates for certified translations
(1 page = 1125 characters)
Translation from English into Polish and from Polish into English
1 page of translation
PLN 35,00
1 page of additional copy
PLN 3,50
1 page of proofread and certified translation
PLN 17,50
1 page of same day translation
PLN 52,50
1 page of translation of a specialised text, a handwritten text or a copy that is hard to decipher
PLN 40,00
Rates for standard translations
Rates depend on the complexity of the text, subject matter and delivery time.

To get a free, no-obligation quotation please complete the form below.

The information you give on this form is entirely confidential and will only be used by me. I will not in any way make your details available to outside companies or persons.
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Rates for consecutive interpreting
Consecutive interpreting for meetings and events
1 hour
PLN 100,00 - 120,00
Block of 4 hours
PLN 500,00
Block of 8 hours
PLN 750,00
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